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The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium is an industry program of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia. We're comprised of engineering and technology company members in the automated vehicle space who bring decades of experience launching safe, innovative mobility technologies. We're working to advance safer testing, development, and deployment of automated vehicles.

We fulfill this mission by aligning members around critical issues facing developers, reaching consensus, and publishing and disseminating best practices that lead to broader adoption, and ultimately, formalized standards.

“AVSC is small enough to come to agreement faster than often happens with technical standards…”

-Safe Enough: Approaches to Assessing Appropriate Safety for Automated Vehicles, RAND, 2020

The consortium’s best practices are technology-neutral and outline key considerations for safely deploying ADS-DVs on public roads. Members of the AVSC support the published principles and best practices thereby setting the bar for other industry participants. These best practices also enhance and expedite formal industry standards at SAE International and other global Standards Development Organizations (SDOs). Implementing AVSC principles can be used to inform the development of sound and effective ADS regulations and safety assurance testing protocols ultimately engendering public confidence in the safety and efficacy of ADS-DVs. 

While maintaining clear channels of communication with global standards development organizations (SDOs) and engaging in public forums, the AVSC fulfills its mission by: 

futuristic AV

Providing information

 that supports safer ADS pilot projects and deployments as they become more widespread
partners in a meeting

Aligning industry partners and 

leveraging expertise

to instill a culture of safety across the industry

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Publishing best practices

that provide an industry benchmark and accelerate formal, global standards creation
Chart showing where our best practices fit into the development process. We focus on development: Design updates, risk assessment, and confirming competency, before the decision to deploy is made.


AVSC creates a unique forum for sharing strategic insight through discussion in a trusted environment.  Together, our members turn diverse viewpoints and perspectives into a unified industry voice for ADS safety.  Their common bond is a commitment to share their lessons learned involving ADS technologies.
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