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Stepping Forward for Safer Automated Vehicle Deployments

With over twenty-five thousand downloads of its best practices from thirty countries around the world, AVSC is shaping the safety landscape for Automated Driving on many different fronts, including voluntary technical standards, professional organizations, regulation, research, and test. Our best practice documents serve as a solid starting point for these groups, as pertinent topics are thoroughly discussed, and consensus is achieved on what AVSC members will prioritize in terms of safety during development, test, and deployment of their automated driving systems. 

Bringing together differing viewpoints and perspectives with a focus on safety, we aim to develop a unified industry voice, uniting on baseline terminology and safety principles. 

Overhead view of a highway, with AVs safely navigating the roadways.

Downloads by Country

Downloads by Country - World map showing best practice access across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Downloads by Organizations

Downloads by Organization - Chart showing access rates: Suppliers: 22%; Insurance: 2%; Media: 8%; Associations: 9%; Academia: 12%; Government: 12%; OEM/Tech: 15%; Other: 20%

Looking Ahead

Over 100 different institutions are showing interest in our consortium's activities. AVSC will continue raising awareness and sharing best practices with industry, government regulators, research communities, and standards organizations. Our future plans include:

  • Expansion of ADS safety topics, building on released best practices
  • Further engagement with global voluntary technical standards groups; AVSC reports have been downloaded in over 30 countries, with the most from US, China, Germany, Japan and Taiwan
  • Harmonizing baseline terminology, principles, and best practices as ADS technology evolves.
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