The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium

Stepping forward for safer automated vehicle deployments.

Stepping up to earn the public's trust.


Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium (AVSC) members are actively involved in testing and on-road pilots of automated vehicles. Combined, they have decades of experience introducing safe and trusted vehicles. SAE International and the SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (ITC) are convening the charter and future members to establish safety and testing principles focused on the safe deployment of SAE Level 4 and Level 5 automated driving systems.

Working together to advance safer testing, development and deployment of automated vehicles.


As testing and pilot deployments occur in greater numbers in public settings, we recognize the paramount need to establish safety principles for the operation of AVs. Together, our work will inform and accelerate industry-wide safety standards for automated driving systems, so we may earn the trust of local communities as pilots and deployments become more widespread.


The consortium’s safety principles fall into three themes: proper systems in place for testing, interaction with people and systems, and the collection, protection, and sharing of data. These technology-neutral principles are key considerations for deploying AVs on public roads.

We are actively publishing new principles. Access them today here.


Public confidence and acceptance of AVs is crucial for their success, both in testing and deployment on public roads. Through their involvement with SAE International, members have a long history of collaborating on critical safety issues related to the operation of automobiles. The AVSC is another example of this, and will lead to guidelines for robust safety standards the public can trust.


The AVSC’s efforts focus on the safer deployment of AVs. It’s intended to be broadly applicable to all developers, manufacturers, and integrators of autonomous technologies for use in product deployment.

Safety Principles

The AVSC’s work consists of a set of safety principles for SAE Level 4 and 5 automated driving systems focusing on 1) testing prior to and when operating AVs on public roads, 2) data collection, protection, and sharing required to reconstruct certain events and 3) interactions between AVs and other road users.
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